Digital Factory Residency

Creating, Curating and Exhibiting digital artworks in response to Andy Warhol at Firstsite.

Welcome to the Digital Factory, an open studio and residency space for 6 young digital artists, who will be creating, curating and exhibiting digital artworks in response to Andy Warhol at Firstsite.
As part of our monthly Float Digital sessions at Firstsite, we were excited to be given the opportunity to host artists in residency along side the new Andy Warhol Artists Rooms exhibition.

Working closely with the learning team, we took over Firstsite’s Mosaic and University Spaces. The Mosaic space was turned into a hands on printing workshop and learning space. Transformed to form a tribute to Andy Warhols Factory space in New York. A space for families and young people to get involved making some Warhol inspired art.






The University space tucked behind the Mosaic was stripped out and rebuilt into a bespoke studio space. Through an open call we selected 6 young digital artists, who will be working in residency with us from 21st March – 12th June. The Digital Factory was born!

The Digital Factory is an open studio space, giving young artists a platform to create and explore new ways of working – with regular workshops, discussions, showcase and collaboration opportunities.

 We are excited to be facilitating this unique opportunity to showcase work alongside iconic works by Andy Warhol.

We are pleased to welcome Digital Artists –

Sian Fann
Susi Disorder
William Fulton
Benjamin Beauchamp
Jaroslav Kocis
Reuben Martindale

This residency is designed to give artists an opportunity to develop their skills whilst being able to generate new work in response to the Andy Warhol exhibition at Firstsite. Exploring a range of digital media including filmmaking, video game design, glitch art, sound art and photography they will develop new artworks and curate their own exhibition.

Due to the open nature of the residency, we are encouraging our artists to engage with the public, using it as a platform for skill sharing and discussion. And fully utilising the studio as a dynamic and changing space.

Keep an eye out for updates over the course of the residency, and keep up to date with the ever changing Digital Factory space.

Join us on Friday 6th May, 6pm – 8pm, for the launch of the Digital Factory Exhibition.

We’d also like to open up the Digital Factory to other artists to showcase work, why not get involved and submit some work to one of our Float Digital open events taking place on 26th April and 24th May. Email for more information.