Planning for our Festival…









Since February, planning for our festival, which began in the autumn, has got much more serious. From now until June we will be working hard every Thursday evening (with the help of pizza) to send out artist briefs, plan workshops and design and create the growing vision for our festival.

As a group of creative young people planning a festival for the summer, you could say our many, many ideas may be unrealistic and unreachable. However, as we approach the last stretch we are beginning to realise that our dreams can come true.

We have had several people from different organisations come into our group meetings to inspire us and give us essential tools for bringing our festival to life. From MadLab to One Five West to Walk the Plank, they have fuelled our imaginations and we look forward to working with them to help create our festival, by and for young people.

Spanning across four days, the festival will look at inter-generational communication, the meaning of the term ’emerging artist’ and explore the weird and wonderful theme of WARP. With an amazing installation from Anya Gallaccio opening on one of the days, the festival will all tie in together in a WARPed sort of way.

The word WARP has been a great starting point for creative ideas. But we won’t give too much away just yet… Keep updated by following us on social media!

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