What Really Matters? festival


What Really Matters? aimed to provide a platform for young people’s creativity and to celebrate themes which matter most to us as young people such as community, freedom of expression, politics and mental health. Combining a DJ workshop, arts mural and live music performances, we wanted to provide young people like myself with the experience of a large scale, collaborative community based project and find out what it takes to pull it all together.

I decided to join was because I wanted to learn more about the role of the producer. Based on my experience with the festival planning group, I learnt that the role of the producer is basically to make the event happen. This can involve coming up with the concept, speaking to artists, budgeting and telling people about the event. I really enjoyed planning the social media presence campaign, planning tweets, selecting images to share and making it engaging and conversational as possible, to encourage young people to tell their friends about the festival, whilst gaining important skills about how to engage the public in conversations and encouraging them to come along and take part.

What Really Matters Aug 2015 c Tate (10)

In particular, I enjoyed the fact that everybody contributed to the ideas of the project during the planning process, either by planning timings or discussing themes to tie the different elements together. Everybody had an input into how the festival would look on the final day. It was also an opportunity for me to perform spoken word, I am looking forward to gaining more opportunities to perform and find out more about arts in general through Tate Collective, which I joined shortly after the project.

So far being a member of Tate Collective is proving to be a valuable experience, and a step up from my experience at Raw Material [youth project partnering with Tate] in terms of not only working creatively and artistically, but working more in depth with events, thinking about the effect you want to create and the impact you want on your audience. I find this very interesting and inspiring, and creatively, it has been a step up from Raw Material. I believe that this has been a useful experience and I hope it will help shape me as an artist and enable me to gain employment within the arts.

Words by Umaru Saidu, Tate Collective London

Video by Jessye Bloomfield, Tate Collective London