Circuit Highlights





Hit full screen, sit back,

and enjoy video highlights

of work with young people

through the arts.

As we move into the final year of the Circuit programme, we’re taking a moment to look back over the past year. The figures are in, and they say we’ve worked with 48,752 young people between April 2015 – 2016!

We’ve made a video playlist that showcases our work with young people, and picks out some highlights from this period.

Tate St Ives’ partnership with Flashlight continued to develop, with participants from peer-led and partnership strands coming together for Young@Tate.

Whitworth’s ongoing emerging artist programme has seen more resident artists develop their practice & deliver workshops with partners & for public audiences.

An event organised by young people from MOSTYN’s partner, West Rhyl’s Young People Project, was a significant achievement, & showcased their work at a local skate park to the wider community.

Young people collaborated with internal teams across Firstsite, to transform the gallery into a night-time immersive digital experience for visitors at Phantom.

Circulate’s 49 members continued to visit & review the programmes, reflecting on practice, & exploring new methods of evaluation.

Partnerships strengthened following Tate London’s What Really Matters festival, with 50% of the participants from partnership groups joining the Tate Collective.

The Circuit website has grown as a resource for learning & best practice, with input from young people, artists & sector professionals.

Nottingham Contemporary’s Affinity Festival drew in crowds of over 4000 people, and featured a line-up of performances, workshops and digital interventions, all planned and run by young people.

Young people took over part of Tate Liverpool with Art Gym for 3 weeks, featuring programming in collaboration with art collective Assemble and by partners YPAS.

Without a gallery space, Wysing and Kettle’s Yard took the Unlock Festival out into the community, exploring hidden corners of Cambridge on tours led by Circuit group members.