Tate Liverpool & WYP presents, ‘When Creativity Happens…’

When creativity happens…
short film documenting the
10 week project.

The latest project I have worked on is with a group called Walton Youth Project – young people aged 14-16 who attain an alternative form of education in the Walton area of North Liverpool.

The project was led by freelance artist Sarah Marsh, and documented by film/photographer Jake Ryan. For the 10 week project, Sarah created the project to be peer led – letting young peoples’ voices be heard and responding to their ideas. At first, it was tricky to establish what language is suitable and what they respond to. For example, the word ‘Art’ was dismissed, so instead we used ‘Creativity’, and explained that all things go through a creative process, like the T.V shows you watch, the clothes you wear etc.

The E-invite to advertise their end of project celebration!

E-invite to advertise the end of project celebration!

Each week varied, from being inside the Tate Liverpool, to days out at Crosby Beach, or even going on a ‘Sculptour’ a tour of Liverpool – a route based on public sculptures that we would ‘photo-bomb’ with emoji props made by the young people.

One challenging element to the project was the attendance, as different young people would attend different weeks, so it was hard to establish a relationship and get to know the young individuals.  So Sarah would gather a variety of ideas that they could practice the following week – as a team of three, we had to be spontaneous and resourceful with materials.