When Creativity happens… favourite moments

The following photos were selected by the young people who went through 1000s of photos that documented and captured the creative antics that they got up.

I asked them to pick a handful of photos that stood out to them- and asked them why- some responses were ‘I like it when were all together’, ‘because this was my favourite activity that we did, and I was really pleased with what I had done’, ‘I like this photo that I took’, and others simply just smiled – resonating that memory in their head.13816840_10208539194810397_1819382609_n

Daniel liked using the paper collages inspired by Henri Mattise in the Wolfson Gallery at Tate Liverpool.


Jess got onto a college course with some of these beautiful photographs she took.


Georgia liked throwing paint at the mannequins best.


Amanda enjoyed observing from the side.