Research Matter(s)

In July I was selected to speak at the Research Matter(s) conference held by Birmingham university. The conference was themed around alternative presentations of research and using the presentation as part of your practice or part of the research itself.

I proposed to experiment with presenting my commission for Circuit in the form of a series of vlogs – with my regular bad transitions and subtitles edited in.


It was a really interesting conference to present at as the research was so varied, and I was incredibly proud to present alongside PhD students. My audience was very respectful and asked lots of questions after my presentation had finished.

Many of their questions were pointed towards the execution of the vlog and video itself and not the commission or research content – which I admitted, that the medium made the message quite confused and maybe was not the right way to present a commission such as mine. However, the reaction was a positive one and once we made our way to the drinks reception I was approached by people asking me more about research in galleries than vlogging!

Being involved definitely made me think about future alternative presentation methods and how research can be expanded by presentation and discussion with those outside of the context you are working in.

My video is below if you would like to see it. It is about 25 minutes long, so stick your feet up and look out for Mr Motivator!