Meet our new ambassador…

We’re happy to announce Daniel Lismore, fashion designer and stylist, as our new Circuit ambassador!

A daring fashion figure, Daniel was approached for the role as an advocate for cross disciplinary practice, celebrating individual style and diversity. Far from the archetypal vision of the artist, Daniel’s work champions ethical and sustainable fashion, and shows it’s cool to be different. The values embedded in his work are shared with those of Circuit: agency, authenticity, creative and cultural diversity.

Tate Collective, Daniel Lismore, 1990s room, TB, 07/10/16

Tate Collective, Daniel Lismore, 1990s room, TB, 07/10/16

At Late at Tate last week, members of Tate Collective London met Daniel, and we caught up with Angela (second from right) to ask why she thinks Daniel will make a great Circuit ambassador…

I think he’d make a great ambassador firstly because he’s been involved in the arts since he was young –  he carried it out from school. In terms of his identity, he’s found it and harnessed it, and I think there’s something really strong and organic and authentic about that, which for a lot of us who are still trying to find where we are, to see that boldness and see that strength becoming the end picture really motivates us, encourages us, and stimulates us.  To kind of go out there and say ‘heck yeah, this is who I am and I absolutely love me’… he carries that with him. But it’s done in such a humble and caring way, that you feel like if he can do it, than I can do it. I think that says a lot about his character, and can also be said about the values and quality of Tate Collective. Ultimately that’s the strength that he can bring. At Tate Collective we plan, we curate events and programmes for young people; so there’s almost a performance at the end of it, which he kind of emulates really well with class and in such a way that wants us to get to know him better. Its a story, not just what you see is what you get, which is that too, but there’s more about him that you want to discover and find out. That’s like what Tate Collective stand for and what we’re about. We want people to come in to the gallery not just to see the programmes but to stay in touch with us, continuously get to know us a bit more, both individually and as a cohort. And throughout that, he’s still very human and that’s what we’re about.

Tate Collective, Daniel Lismore, 1990s room, TB, 07/10/16

Mark Miller, Tate Collective, Daniel Lismore, TB, 07/10/16

Daniel joins Clara Amfo as Circuit ambassadors. Both will play an integral part in the Circuit legacy programme, celebrating the project’s impact through a series of conferences, publications and documentary films, which will follow a new series of Circuit festivals at partner galleries Firstsite and MOSTYN on 14 October 2016.