New Young Artists in Residence: Peter Nwabuokei

The Young Artists in Residence are three emerging artists who play a central role within the Whitworth Young Contemporaries. They facilitate the group and work collaboratively with young people to develop ideas and also do workshops in the local community.

My name is Peter. I am a photographer from Birmingham and I’ve been living in Manchester now for a few years after studying at the Manchester School of Art.From the oldest new bit. Having ticked all the boxes and secured all the grades as child, I dropped out of my architecture degree in the first year. Fortunately, the good run of form leading up to this moment ensured I remained unharmed, but I still felt I had things tolearn. So, having killed a lot of time photographing things during that first year, I enrolled at the Manchester School of Art, met some cool people and learnt some interesting things.

After graduating I now find myself in a peculiar place having studied my way through a photographer degree; I’ve found myself taking less pictures. A mixture of nostalgia and cynicism find me taking pictures some of things now though, in order to study. By documenting something, you create objects. An object that not only validates the existence of the subject, even if it looks kind of odd, but also as something of its own that segues into its own existence. So two things, when you take a picture of a thing.

I was introduced to photography by being that guy that made Photoshop “produktionz” for friends, they soon started to become less and less about the digital house-11elements because my computer was slow. For me at the minute, I shoot things that I find myself questioning, what does that do? Who does this affect? How does that keep my attention? However, the important thing is the reality at the moment the light hits the lens, and why it should become another object.

I’ve always tried to maintain connection the between Art, young people and society and have participated in things like theater and dance growing up alongside football. I’m really into football, so working with Circuit and Whitworth’s WYP project is like fantasy football for me. I’m looking forward to sharing things I’ve picked up along the way and learning about what the world looks like through fresher eyes. Pleased to meet you.