Trip to MOSTYN: GLITCH Festival

On the 15th October, the Whitworth Young Contemporaries took a trip down to Llandundo, Wales to check out the GLITCH Festival at MOSTYN Gallery.

On the two hour train ride from Manchester, Piccadilly to  sunny Llandundo the group discussed what aspects of the festival they were looking forward to the most. The biggest draw was definitely the indoor skate park. As the train pulled into Llandudno station we were greeted by sunshine which was a bonus after leaving the rain of Manchester earlier that morning. We had a short five minute walk from the station to MOSTYN Gallery where we met up with two other members of the group that had arrived the day before. Upon entering the gallery the group split up to have a look around.


In the foyer there was a small robot roaming the ground which spoke to passers by at random. We later found out that upstairs there was a station where visitors could control the robot and type commands for it to say, adding a nice layer of interactivity to the exhibition. Upstairs there was also a Virtual Reality activity where we could pick different settings/games such as a zombie attack to explore with the VR goggles. Downstairs there was a cinema showing old classics like Beetlejuice,  two pong pong tables where visitors can get involved in a game of table tennis, a room with a sideways hot air balloon and an indoor skatepark which was one of highlights of the festival and drew in a visitors from across the country.

Overall, the GLITCH festival was well received by the WYC group and we felt that the gallery space was used in an innovative way.