Artist Rooms: Andy Warhol

As a part of the Artist Rooms project, from the 19th November 2016 through to the 16th April 2017 the Whitworth Art Gallery will be showcasing a selection of works from world renowned artist Andy Warhol which will explore the themes of death, politics and identity. The work will be presented in a contrast of Warhol’s interpretation of the American Dream alongside the current political climate following the US presidential elections.

On our preview night on the 18th of November 2016 we attracted a crowd of 3819 people through our gallery doors. We had visitors who were old fans of Warhol and we also had a larger number of young people who were new to his work and wanted to learn more about the artist. One thing they all had in common was a shared excitement about the exhibition, which created a buzz in the gallery throughout the night.

Our artists in residence set up a livestream of the night capturing people’s reactions at the entrance and we also had a ‘Donald Trump wig’ installation which we let people interact with as they wished. Some simply observed from afar while others were more adventurous and picked the wig up and took it around the gallery.

An exciting preview to open the exhibition.