Glitch: festival review

In October 2016 GLITCH collective at Mostyn Gallery programmed their festival which included virtual reality, a skateable exhibition, workshops, live music, and street food!

Rebecca, Lou, and Naomi from Circuit Cambridge travelled to the festival to help with evaluation activities and to support their Circuit peers. Here are some of their thoughts on their own experience as visitors to the event:


I thought the Mostyn festival was very enjoyable, the highlights being the VR lab, the blue print photography workshop and the live music. The festival had quite a range of activities that meant it was quite versatile. It was nice to be able to drop into things when you wanted. Having the table tennis, robot, circus outside the gallery and film screenings allowed you to interact with the space easily in a relaxed manner, which I think is a great way to encourage initial engagement with the festival. Though the activities were quite varied I would have liked there to be a few more new activities on the Sunday as it almost felt as though you had covered everything on the Saturday. So finding a way to encourage visitors back to join in with other activities on the following days would be beneficial

The choices of installations (hot air balloon and skate park) were innovative and fun opening up the space for new ways in interactive with the gallery. The VR Lab was a great experience; it made a quite recent technology accessible and in this way was very exciting. Due to its popularity there were often long waits, one way to alleviate this would have been to have two or more stations available.

The Blue print photography workshop, which I believe was quite a last minute activity, was very enjoyable. Learning a new process that you could take away with you, opening a door to photographic methods not immediately available/used was great. The workshop member was very insightful and engaged in the process. I think more time could have been put into activities such as this. Although perhaps more traditional, these workshop can be very successful when sharing skills.

I had fun and lots of work had obviously gone into the programming of the festival, so well done to the Mostyn team.

Cool post-its!


Overall very well done to the collective! I enjoyed the festival a lot, there were some fun and cool workshops and things to try- my favourite being the photography one on the last day. All of their workshops and things to do were fun, some of the best being the VR lab, Zine making and hot air balloon. The live bands playing inside and outside the venue in the evening created a great atmosphere, and in the venue down the street where Castle played. Their use of outside space using the small green for a band and circus was good, as well the gallery space and next door.  Their evaluation trees and maps were a cool touch- though the maps were only of North Wales so lots of us Circulate members had to make our own marks for where we were from off the map. I thought all the little “glitch” stickers I spotted around town were intriguing.

The thing I didn’t understand, even though we had the programme with the title “Glitch” and “creative disobedience” was what the festival was really about and how that name related to the workshops and shows? It wasn’t strongly clear so most of them. Not that needs to be an explanation or reason or link between it but I think maybe it would have been nice to understand it a little more, it felt to me a bit like something was missing.

A few of the downsides were that the VR workshop always had a long queue or wait because it was quite a long thing to try- so we waited around 20 minutes if not more the first time to try it, which was a bit too long. Though it was a really cool workshop and the guy running it was really nice, I get that the point of having 4 different VR worlds to try is so you get to experience different types but maybe they could just ask people to pick like 2 or 3 out of all to try? Also one of the workshops was really late to start as the leader of it didn’t turn up on time which was a shame.

Although the 1 or 2 members of Circuit who were actually part of the festival were nice they only approached us about evaluations, otherwise they seemed to me to be a little distant from it if they weren’t holding a workshop- as someone unfamiliar with the space it would have been nice if they had been more welcoming, though the ones holding workshops were and I appreciate they were all working really hard. I also think more information about Circuit and what we would have been good.