On the 25th & 26th June we here at the Whitworth ran our Circuit event: WARP FESTIVAL. It was a great weekend filled with warped experience and amazing local music and performers. For this evaluation myself and the Young Evaluators team devised a technique to gain evaluation data via photography. This technique worked very well when we got people to participate as it was interactive, and also the subject a piece of artwork to take home as memorabilia.


Here is some of the text from my planning document to show my workings:

The evaluation technique that I am devising for our ‘Warp’ Festival in June is all based around warping evaluation from a boring experience, into something that creates your own personalised warped imagery of you/your friends at the festival.

The inspiration of this was talking to the group about Photo Booth and there recent increase in event use. I was also inspired by our warped theme that is running throughout the weekend, And I want to create a nice piece of digital artwork…

warp1The technique I wish to use is called photo-merging. It can be used in several different ways.

The way I wish to use this technique is to use it to gain data from several different questions in a way that I can use the data, and yet makes a clever way of putting together the positioning of the subject within the imagery.



The subject will stand on the scale as they’re answer to the questions we ask, one at a time. (On the Sunday we can get full families to stand within the shots? Creates more of a family feel the for the Sunday as they’re will be much more of that audience).

As you can see from the imagery provided in the left, I wish to use a scale from 1 – 10.


  • 1 equals you Strongly Disagree
  • 5 equals you are Neutral
  • 10 means you Strongly Agree

This will be a workshop/evaluation ran by me and members of WYC


Here is the process of how we will capture/create the final piece of artwork:

  • Capture Imageswarp3
  • Transfer images from SD Card to Photoshop
  • Use script ‘Photomerge’
  • Make sure that when using photo merge script that you don’t merge the photos and then take it down to the base layer (Aka Layer 1)
  • Send image to print
  • Once printed use ‘Whitworth Young Contemporaries’ stamp to brand the back of the image and give to subject


I will organise a file so that when the images are imported, we can save the subjects name and age to then put into the data findings and create a usable spreadsheet of information.

If this evaluation technique will be used over both the Saturday and the Sunday then I can adapt the questions to a more family orientated market and also use props to get family involvement?

Speak to Amy Jones about how we could involve Family activities in the workshop.


What Questions Can We Ask?:

  • Did you enjoy your experience at WARP Fest?
  • I would come to another event in this style
  • I would recommend an event like this to friends/family
  • I will remember this event for a long time


What’s Changed?:

One of the only processes during the evaluation to change was instead of using a scale from 1 – 10 we printed 3 different pieces of paper; Dis-agree, Neutral, Agree. The reason I changed this from a scale is after speaking to the group about the technique, several members flagged up that it makes it a lot easier for the subject to just stand with where they agree naturally, instead of taking the time to process on a scale where they choose to stand to answer. This cut down on time of the evaluation by several minuets and made the whole process a lot more streamlined. I also changed the location of the evaluation from inside the learning studio where I was based (Not my decision, I was assigned that space) to outside in the art garden when the weather permitted to try and catch new and different audiences.


My Feedback:

The evaluation worked brilliantly when we got subjects to be involved in the evaluation. Younger audiences and family groups loved the idea as they had something to take home to remind them of the event, and the people they were with. It created a great atmosphere whilst the photos were being taken, And it definitely enhanced the atmosphere of where I was placed as it was slightly separate from the festival.



  • I would be placed a lot closer to workshops / Activities within the actual festival site so that we would have a lot more passing visitors that would be incited into participating in our evaluation.
  • I would have a higher quality printer that could print the images with better colour resolution and contrast to make the images more definable and more professional aesthetic.
  • I would create an action (Preset) on Photoshop so that instead of having to go through the process of manually creating the artwork so that it would be much easier for WYC members to help create the artwork without my supervision. Unfortunately due to technical difficulties this was impossible to implement on the equipment supplied.
  • Next time as well I will create my own rota for Young Evaluators to be running the workshop as each member brings a different quality of interaction and also has different approaches to communicating to the public.!
  • If more time for preparation was provided, I could of created several different overlays for the images so that the visitor feels like they have more input on the artwork and becomes special to them. E.g:





  • When we moved the workshop out into the art garden, It was a great use of the space and made a positive and creative atmosphere
  • When we got groups of people the workshop ran smoothly it became almost a Photo Booth sort of activity!
  • The activity was great fun with families aswell as for them it saves a period of time for the parents and they’re children.
  • People loved to see the development of the artwork on the laptops and certain people actually got involved and helped customise the edit on photoshop!
  • It seemed to create an interest in photography and the applications of imagery processed through digital artwork.
  • The WYC core group really enjoyed working with the equipment and quickly began to pick up the processes of the workshop and enjoyed communicating with the public greeting and speaking to different groups.