And Now We Are Plastic exhibition launch

As technology helps us to constantly evolve, the boundaries between our physical and digital spaces are blending, yet our ability to adapt and change remains visible in our art, marking the world we leave behind.

‘And Now We Are Plastic’ is the first exhibition curated by young people at the Whitworth.

For this exhibition they have selected works from the Whitworth’s extensive collection of textiles, prints, drawings and sculpture to explore the temporary age of consumerism, technology and the ‘selfie’.

Titled ‘And Now We Are Plastic’ the exhibition reflects on the rapidly changing cultures of today and considers the various works of art as evidence of our own plasticity.

Think about plastic, it can be easily shaped or moulded and offers vast scope for creativity. It can be found in almost any shape or colour and it can take the heat, sometimes. It can be considered disposable and at the same time essential.

WYC invite you to consider how we have continued to shape and reshape ourselves across time. The exhibition ranges from early Egyptian textile, 18th century satire drawings, to 20th century works by Eduardo Paolozzi, Richard Hamilton, our first showing of experimental textile works by Georgina von Etzdorf, alongside contemporary artists such as Lynn Hershman Leeson, Laure Prouvost and Marc Quinn.