Festival lowdown

Seven members of Tate Collective London visited Mostyn, Tate St Ives and Firstsite festivals throughout 2016 to experience peer-led festivals from other groups across the UK. Here they share their experiences from luminous VR universes, to performances on the beach as well as their feedback as Circulate members.

Glitch Festival, Mostyn

Throughout our visit to Glitch festival at Mostyn, myself and Sam gathered video footage capturing the highlights of the festival, and interviewed visitors about their experience. In my opinion, the best part of the festival was its interactive nature. There were many exciting and new things at the festival, for example the virtual reality experience and the hot air balloon installation, which was inflated inside the gallery. The skate park performance really contributed to the theme of creative disruption as it was unusual to see a skateboarders take over the gallery space.

The location was a huge contrast to what we’re used to but the small town in Wales was the perfect place for such a festival, and it was great to see the festival supported by the community. The bands, live music and dancing in a warehouse space round the corner from the gallery was the perfect end to the festival.

Araba and Sam


Switch Festival, Tate St Ives

Switch St Ives was a rich blend of personal and eventful highlights. We were struck by the personal approach Tate Collective St Ives had taken towards the festival, and enjoyed the ‘alternative tour’ format of the festival.

The landscape was filled with events mapped out all over the beautiful seaside town, allowing us to explore and discover it for ourselves. Our highlights included a brief visit Porthmeor beach where we experienced the bright blue sea, warm crisp sand, and exhibition of Tate Collective and partnership work in Porthmeor Studios.

What was apparent from the beginning was the emphasis on the people that were involved and all those who came in support, the personal approach went a long way. There was a real sense of community and participation which really brought the festival to life. We have put together a ‘map’ representing our experience of our alternative tour of St Ives through Switch festival.

Ernest, Decarla and Amaris


Flipside festival, Firstsite

The Firstsite Gallery in Colcester is a very nice open space that the Flipside event made great use of, with a visitor experience installation covering a whole wall, performances from various acts and a circuit racing track going along the floor, it was a very interactive experience.

Lots of people attended the closing night, with good reason there was lots to see from live music to video games the atmosphere was amazing. It was especially nice to see that they got the young people from the collective involved with putting together the installations giving them the chance to be the artists at the event.

Steve and Leila