Circuit Archive

Keys, ducks, flags, sketchbooks, t-shirts, badges, leg warmers. The scope of the items put forward for the Circuit Archive was huge and told a million stories.

At a practice sharing session in January people were invited to bring an object that tells a Circuit story and as a group, sat together to share stories of experiences.

The significance of each object to the holder was immediately obvious- these objects had been safely tucked away for a reason. A symbol of hard work, proof of a significant achievement, a way to rouse a memory, or a connection forged.

Combining these individual narratives with clippings, photographs, posters and ephemera produced over the course of the Circuit programme allows an outsider a window into the greater journey of Circuit. But the real benefit of bringing these items together was to share the stories of those involved, and allow them to take a moment to remember where they have come from, what they have achieved, and where they are going.