Motivation for Diversity and Change

Circuit highlighted divisions in society surrounding class, race and socio-economic background, and lack of representation in the staff and ethos of galleries.

Galleries often set goals to reach more diverse audiences, but there was common learning across Circuit that organisations should be clear about their motivations for this. Galleries should be advocating a shift to inclusive programmes and practices that embrace ‘difference’. To be more inclusive, organisations need to be willing to reflect on their current ways of working and commit to long-term change.

Circuit galleries identified the provision of practical, transferable skills for young people as a priority. However, research also indicates that family income, support and knowledge of the sector still affects young people’s ability to pursue a career in the arts. Recruitment and employment structures need to alter to open up opportunities to a greater range of young people.


  • Define your motivations for diversity – in your audience and workforce.
  • Understand the changes that need to happen, the timeframe, and where the responsibility lies.
  • Reflect and learn from short-term projects that you connect to long-term strategies for change.

Gain further insights into the Circuit programme through reading the publication: Circuit – Test, Risk, Change. Browse the research papers below, which have informed the programme’s learning and recommendations.

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