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Young People, Youth Organisations and Galleries: Working as Allies to Spark Change

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Research and evaluation were embedded throughout Circuit.

As an action research project, gallery staff, young people, artists and partners were encouraged to reflect on their experiences, to analyse what they found, and crucially, to change their programme in response. Young people devised creative evaluation techniques to review their festivals and events. They came together as a national group, Circulate, and also critiqued the programme as a whole.

The evaluation was underpinned by an evaluation framework, produced collaboratively in line with Circuit’s aims and values. The whole process aimed to build skills, whilst enabling ownership of each gallery’s successes and challenges. You can read a review of the evaluation process below.

Specialists carried out research to examine important themes that were emerging from Circuit, including:

  • In depth analysis of partnerships between visual art and youth organisations.
  • Analysis from a Critical Friend who supported galleries and young people to evaluate throughout the programme.
  • Quantitative and qualitative data analysis of audience engagement and the impact of Circuit on participants.
  • A longitudinal study documenting the experiences of up to twenty young people. It is planned to continue until 2019.
  • Research into the perceptions of art to young people beyond the programme, through a piece of research directed by influencers on social media.

Browse the reports below, which have informed the programme’s learning and recommendations.

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