Young People and Cultural Production

When young people produce cross-art-form programmes in galleries, it can benefit them personally, increasing confidence and raising socio-political awareness. It can also create relevant connections to wider culture, demystifying galleries and helping to develop more diverse audiences. Galleries can be flexible, social spaces where young people can take ownership to explore prevalent issues and share different perspectives.

Galleries should value young people’s contributions as producers, participants and employees. But, supporting peer-led work with young people within organisations can present challenges. Staff must feel equipped to facilitate work with diverse participants and audiences, encouraging young people to lead, whilst also working within structures of an organisation.

Work with young people should be responsive and flexible, and shaped to fit an organisation. Young people should inform how a programme develops. Reflection should be embedded in each project so that what is learnt can go on to influence ways of working across an organisation.


  • Establish ways for young people to work within organisations as producers of cross-art-form cultural activity that resonates with their wider social and cultural experiences.
  • Provide progression routes that allow for the development of transferable personal and professional skills, for education and employment, and an increased understanding of the cultural sector.

Gain further insights into the Circuit programme through reading the publication: Circuit – Test, Risk, Change. Browse the research papers below, which have informed the programme’s learning and recommendations.

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