Connecting young people and galleries to spark change

Circuit was a national programme for 15–25 year olds, led by Tate and funded by Paul Hamlyn Foundation. From 2013-17, ten galleries worked in partnership with youth organisations, aiming to create opportunities for a more diverse range of young people to engage with art in galleries and to steer their own learning. Circuit highlighted the importance of the arts and youth sectors working as allies to champion positive change for young people.

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Circuit - Test, Risk, Change

This publication brings together insights from the Circuit programme through essays, articles, quotes and comments, written by staff from all levels, and, importantly, young people. It is primarily aimed at practitioners, artists and educators working with young people across the cultural and youth sectors.

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Test Risk Change

Circuit examined the ways that galleries can support positive change for young people, but it also exposed the barriers that might prevent this. Based upon our three key themes, this report outlines these challenges, and suggests ideas and solutions to overcome them. We invite you to use this report to provoke conversation, collaboration and action. We hope that cultural and youth sector colleagues will view this as a call for action to identify practical and strategic methods for change. We hope that senior management and leaders of youth programmes will reflect on our findings to inform positive shifts within their organisations.

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MAKE YOUR PLACE showcases Circuit’s legacy and its lasting influence by allowing young people involved in the project to tell their own story.

In a troubled socio-political landscape, where conditions of austerity hit the youth sector hard, Circuit aimed to create opportunities for 15-25 year olds. United in the belief that art galleries should be diverse and accessible to all, we set out to spark change in our institutions for the benefit of young people.

This film follows the stories of four of the young people involved: Fatimah, Charlotte, Will and Gaby. Fatimah is a part time employee at The Whitworth in Manchester; Charlotte is a young exhibiting artist at Firstsite, Colchester; Gaby is an artist curator of youth events at Tate Britain & Tate Modern; and Will has developed a mentoring relationship with a Senior Curator at MOSTYN, Llandudno.

The film illustrates how art galleries have the ability to support young people, and how this impacted their wider lives.

Directed by BAFTA winning director, Colin O’Toole (Best British Short Film 2018).

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