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‘It’s important that young people don’t feel intimidated about going into art spaces, because sharing art is universal and anyone can be creative – it’s something that is natural to everyone. Being in a gallery is a great way to learn about different cultures and what’s going on in the world.’

In 2013, Get Involved, Nottingham Contemporary’s Creators group held their first event as part of Circuit by and for young people. COLLABOR-8 showcased work made in response to the exhibition installed in the main gallery spaces by Turner prize winning artist Mark Leckey. The creators gathered information from their peers about the things people aged 15 – 25 felt inspired their own personal creativity, from drawing to skateboarding, so the results could be used in future COLLABOR-8 events.


The photographs taken at the event were made by David Severn, a local, emerging young talent in the art scene and the video which documented the evening’s art, creativity and music was directed by young people and contains the thoughts and ideas from members of the group itself. This documentation is not only an important way to archive the actual event but acts as a form of evaluation for the creators and a way to evidence successful events and to plan and promote future ones.