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‘It’s a unique opportunity and I think young people are even more keen to get involved especially at a time when so few jobs are available.’

Three days of festival at Tate Modern – by and for young people!

In April 2013, Tate Collective London launched the national Circuit programme with three full days of workshops, performances and installations.

Each day was programmed to provide a different feel and focus. The first day, a Friday, was dedicated to invited schools and community groups to build links and extend partnerships with new and existing groups of our target audience. The Saturday and Sunday were open to all, including the general public and provided a mix of events from midday to late evening. Tate Collective London spent nearly a year developing and curating the event, before working flat out through the festival to welcome over 12,000 unique visitors to Tate Modern who took part in Hyperlink.

Tate Collective London Circuit

Tate Collective London Circuit

Young people defined the starting point for the programme concept, with initial ideas focusing on ‘connections’: connecting  young people together locally, regionally and nationally through cross-art forms. The festival name, Hyperlink, arose from these discussions during planning meetings as it defined the way in which young people consume and interact across the arts, as well as their wider social and cultural experiences. Hyperlink aimed to celebrate the creative, multi-layered and diverse connections across art disciplines. This conceptual ownership framed the event and processes involved in putting the festival together.

A further theme ‘Six Degrees of Separation’ was developed to enable artists to respond and create their own artistic content across art disciplines. The theme is based on the theory that anyone in the world is approximately six steps away from meeting via introduction from personal and social networks (friend of a friend extended). Tate Collective London chose six artists and selected six of their favourite works from the Tate Collection.

Hyperlink at Tate Modern. 27.4.13 © Richard Eaton

Photo © Richard Eaton

Performance Musicians and sound artists were invited to perform new or existing material in response to the Hyperlink theme. They were also asked to collaborate with visual artists to create a unique audio/visual performance.

Installation Visual artists were invited to produce work that the audience could interact with through a series of semi-permanent structures. This not only encouraged participation but also acted as a method to track or map audience engagement throughout the festival.

Susan Stockwell’s installation.
Photo © Richard Eaton

Workshop Opportunities for artists and the audience to directly respond and engage with the six artworks from the six artists through the six pathways. They operated on a drop-in basis where participants could spend short periods or hours in the session, to gain a deeper experience of art and artist and also to participate and create dialogue through work created in the spaces.

Rankin photography workshop.
Photo © Diana Agunbiade Kolawole

Artists chosen from the Tate collection were:
Ellen Gallagher, John Singleton Copley, Jenny Holzer, Roy Lichtenstein, Rebecca  Horn and Anthony Caro.
These artists cover a timeline spanning from the 18th century to the present day and their work includes visual and conceptual elements that Tate Collective London thought could inspire other artists to develop ideas across six artistic disciplines – architecture, fashion, graphic design, illustration, industrial design, and photography.

Artists chosen to respond to these works were:
Performance artists – Akala, Angel, Sebastian Blake, Stooki x Sound, the Boxettes, Sway, Raw Material, Only Connect, Lady Leshurr and Paige Cakey, Vase record label with Melissa Matos
Visual, Installation and workshop artists – Zineswap collaboration with It’s Nice That, Rankin, Susan Stockwell, Adjaye Architects, Aberrant Architecture, Yemis Awosile, Cassette Playa, Ellen™ and Sam Putera, Funny Tummy, Morag Myerscough

Hyperlink was also supported before and during the event by Reprezent 107.3 FM Radio, the only radio station in the UK that is fully presented by young people under the age of 25.

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