The Whitworth has three emerging artists who are paid members of the core group; Whitworth Young Contemporaries. There will be a series of posts from Sophie, Bella and Jamil as they talk about this unique model, the challenges as well as skills and opportunities they have gained from it.

As the opening for the Whitworth gets closer myself and the Whitworth Young Contemporaries have been very busy planning for our next event which will form part of the Galleries opening night on the 14th February (very exciting stuff!)

As the Digital Artist in residence much of my time over the past few weeks has been spent  experimenting with visuals, interactivity and making films with the group. This has involved filming across Manchester as well as gathering archive footage and sounds from across the City. I have lead a range of filming, editing and digital manipulation workshops throughout the past few weeks where we’ve experimented with manual and digital manipulation. For example last night saw us bleaching, cutting, weaving and filming images and earlier this week we experimented with manipulating coding on digital files to create some exciting GIF style videos.

Coding is something I am steadily learning more about, having always been inspired by how technology and the arts can interact. My work with the WYC group has inspired me to push my own skills and I have recently been learning to code with Arduino which is a great piece of kit that uses open source software to allow you to create all sorts of amazing interactive works.

Activating a space through interactivity with an audience is something we will also be utilising at our event where people can interact and add to our visuals live on the night. Working with the group on the launch has been a great experience for a million and one reasons but one of the things that I’ve found really great is that its made me look at my own work in new ways and I’ve discovered so many different methods and ways of working.

Its been a challenge to plan such a large scale event with such a varied and ever changing group but I think this is one of the great things about WYC. I hope what comes through on the night, is that Whitworth Young Contemporaries have arrived.

See more of Sophie’s work here: