Parkour COLLABOR-8

For a long time, I had not been that interested in the Nottingham Contemporary. I saw it as a place only for adults and didn’t believe that it could offer me anything in terms of what I hope to go into as a career (film). However, about two months ago I asked to use the Café.Bar in the Contemporary for a short film I’d had in my mind for a very long time. Almost in awe at the place, I saw it as an odd little bar that seemed almost iconic if I were to use it in one of my films. Thankfully, the Nottingham Contemporary was kind enough to let me use the place for free under a condition. The condition was that I come to a meeting with a woman named Alice Thickett who would like to speak to me about a certain project she had in mind. The project seemed very interesting – the group ‘Collabor8’ that Alice hosts wanted a videographer to film a group of Parkour lads called ‘Recon’ in a way of raising awareness for the Nottingham Contemporary’s October Festival 2015. Within seconds I had said yes, and for two Saturdays from 2:30 – 7:00, I filmed and edited and interviewed the Recon Parkour Group (AKA the loveliest group of lads you could ever meet) and my opinion on the gallery seemed to change overnight. No longer was this a place for only paintings, it was a place where I too could involve myself in my own creative way; through film.

Not only did I get the job of filming a small documentary for the Nottingham Contemporary, I’m also now involved in the monthly Collabor8 sessions filming. A Collabor8 session happens on the last Saturday of every month, and is a different workshop each time. I personally get experience in interviewing people who go to the events and edit and upload the finished 5 minute videos to the internet. My goal is to make each monthly video ever so slightly different with what I do. By the end of the two months, I had realised that not only was the Nottingham Contemporary a place that could interest me, but also a place that could benefit my CV for colleges and my experience in film.

Jake Dunn, 15 years old, Nottingham.