Supporting artists of the future

Livius preparing for the Circuit Murmuration event.

Kettle’s Yard is a university gallery in the centre of Cambridge that conserves a unique house and collection, alongside a modern and contemporary exhibition programme. Wysing Arts Centre, to the west of the city, is a leading research and development centre for the visual arts, including an artist residency programme accommodated within 9 acres of countryside. Both organisations put artists at the centre of what they do and approach working with young people as supporting artists of the future.

Young people take ownership of these creative environments and  shape their own programme.

Circuit has enabled them, through their learning programmes, to work together for the first time. This has provided the opportunity to establish and sustain a peer-led group and to provide a consistent offer for a wide range of young people. This has empowered young people to take ownership of these creative environments and to shape and co-produce their own programme. Partnership work extends to all areas of Circuit, including young people supported through new long-term relationships with the Cambridge Youth Foyer and Camborne Youth Club, who are accrediting their involvement through Arts Award. Circuit has also enabled Wysing and Kettle’s Yard to enquire and gain knowledge of the digital sector in Cambridge to explore links between our sectors and develop opportunities for young people.

Circuit has effected considerable organisation change, with young people working closely and collaborating with the marketing and curatorial teams and taking on paid roles across both organisations. The programme is facilitated by freelance artists, a Circuit Programme Manager and specially created Circuit internships and is enhanced by senior management support across both organisations.


Livius’s Story

Circuit is giving me an all rounded experience of what it is like to work with people and for people.

“I first heard about the internship for Circuit from the Cambridge Youth Foyer and knew this is would be a great opportunity to be a part of it and to see what Circuit was all about. Before the internship I was already participating in the Circuit workshops held at the Foyer every week. From this I managed to complete my bronze Arts Award, now with the help from the Circuit programme I am doing my silver Arts Award. The internship has been very rewarding. I have learned how to prioritise tasks, organise and set up events, contact and inform members of Circuit about upcoming sessions, publicising in different forms, time management and how to reply to email queries. Personally I feel more confident and responsible. I knew at times I would feel outside of my comfort zone but when I did the members and staff were very understanding and supportive so that I felt more relaxed and confident.

Basically Circuit is giving me an all rounded experience of what it is like to work with people and for people. As I continue with the internship I hope I will be able to introduce more people to Circuit and help create even more fantastic events.”