A jam packed two day sharing event held within the beautiful city of Bristol. Right by the waters edge we visited the ‘Watershed’ situated between an array of hand made art shops. Our first day consisted of numerous presentations from groups all across the Circuit programme, myself included. We were all split into different teams, around seven spread out across the room all represented by a different theme. It allowed us to have the opportunity to mix and get to know members from all across the Circuit programme, making us think, talk and engage more and bringing forward some new and innovative ideas.

Sufea’s presentation, discussing evaluation from Tate Liverpool was extremely interesting, discussing ways in which all ages can come together and form ideas and responses to certain events and programmes. The traveling postcard was an interesting and unique idea and made evaluation more about what we plan to do in the future; our aims and what we hope to gain. Having the ability to design the postcard was also a great way to let people be creative if only for a short amount of time.

After Sufea’s presentation I discussed my photographic project in regards to organisational change and gave the groups chance to discuss youth stereotypes within art galleries today. It was a difficult ten minutes, as some people within the groups hadn’t even considered that there may be barriers between staff and young people within art galleries today. It got people talking and discussing the problems that young people may face when entering a gallery space; something that we don’t consider to be a problem nowadays but something that still occurs. I received some positive feedback in response to the project and have continued to develop the work over the past few weeks. The sharing events are always a great way to gain new and fresh ideas in relation to evaluation of the different groups and galleries. There seemed to be a number of people who hadn’t attended a sharing event before so it was really interesting to get their views and see the directions that they want to go within the different galleries.


Overall the event, I feel was a great success and it’s always a great way for new people to get involved and develop ideas before the next session. There is always a good atmosphere when we attend these events, as I feel as though everyone wants to learn and engage with each different gallery. It’s also a great chance to socialise and work together on different activities! It’s always fun and the theatre was such a treat!


Charlotte Davies (Whitworth Young Contemporaries)