Pixel Pt. 1

In partnership with MOSTYN and Circuit, West Rhyl Young Peoples Project/Pixel have been working with artist Nadine Carter-Smith drawing, tie-dying, under the theme of collaboration and team work.

Pixel at MOSTYN Feb © Dion Hamer 2016

Pixel is an alternative education project, with a focus on training in digital media, providing an informal space for young people in Rhyl who have disengaged from mainstream learning to experience positive and meaningful education, often at critical times in their lives. Much like the Circuit programme, they have four main aims;

  • Building relationships of trust with the young people they work with
  • Tailoring the content of their programmes to the learning needs of the individual
  • Providing flexible and varied programmes delivered in an informal environment
  • Ensuring that all participants attain meaningful, recognised qualifications.

“We wanted to break some preconceived ideas about art, and break some barriers; for instance going to the opening of Gallery 1.. to make art accessible to young people. Its great to work with artists who can expand ideas and skills. The ethos of Circuit works really well with how we operate; we try and get young people to take responsibility for themselves, whether planning a trip, or just making general decisions, the young people are involved in the process. Young peoples involvement is key to what we do.”

– Chris at Pixel