Keeping it Rhyl

On the 21st of March, the PIXELS youth group in Rhyl, in collaboration with Mostyn had their ‘Keep it Rhyl’ event, in which they screened a couple of music and skateboard videos that they had made. PIXELS is one of the partnership programmes with MOSTYN and have been working with us for many years now, and we helped them to organise the event.

The event was to premier two videos that they had made, one was a music video and another was the skateboarding video that they had created. The videos were quite well made and all created with the help of Jan Miller. The event itself was a basically a chance for the young people within the group to show off their talent, and it was quite nice seeing the young people of Rhyl doing various tricks on their skateboards, bikes and scooters. They also had the music styling of Hollie Profit, who is a local DJ and often remixes popular songs from the charts in her own unique way. The music went very well with the fast and sporadic movement of the skateboards and people around the park.

The event felt very different to the events we tend to have with Glitch, as this event felt more rough, and more “teenage like”. This is probably down to the location and the feel of the event, as it was in a stereotypical youth event location, being the skate park and the type of event that was it. However, I feel the event went well, despite the cold and it was a good first event for their PIXELS group in Rhyl.

Written and photographed by Conner Davies.

The PIXELS Group

The PIXELS Group