Liverpool Talk

“Unity is strength. . . when there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved.” –Mattie Stepanek


On Wednesday the 16th Of March a group of us visited the city of Liverpool and we had a refreshing experience. It was really good to get away from North Wales for a while and to think about things in a different way. Seeing things happen at Liverpool has inspired me and to think about how a visitor interprets a certain place or event. Gathering information for our festival in September will be beneficial for everyone involved and the Art Gym at Tate Liverpool was different to what I expected initially.

The talk was between Adam Carr (curator at MOSTYN), Will & I as well as Conner (another GLITCH member) introducing us to the audience. Having the opportunity to reflect and analyse what we’ve done up to date was really beneficial as well as seeing all of our personal aims throughout the projects at MOSTYN. Having a variety of various views upon Gallery One and the ‘&’ Exhibition was really useful in order to develop ideas for the festival we’re hosting at Llandudno this September. Hearing about Adams practice was inspiring and to hear about his viewpoints on working with 15-25 year olds and why he felt the need to collaborate with us on making professional exhibitions.


When deciding upon who should speak, I felt that the three of us were chosen wisely as we all had strengths and knowledge in various areas and I think GLITCH is about breaking down barriers between different types of people. Adam has his curatorial expertise as well as sincerity for the individual as well as an openness of working with a group which initially weren’t familiarised of working at the gallery with no curating experience.

I talked openly about the opportunities and the development and initiative that I gained throughout the last 2 years working alongside Adam as well as various artists. My ‘path’ so to speak with GLITCH would be an educational one as well as being part of a new circle of like minded and committed individuals. I talked about the workshops and the leadership in which I have learnt about myself as well as my strengths and weaknesses. I have felt that I can relate very well to the other GLITCH members as well as respecting the diversity of the group and how people have grown through the years. I have learnt that assisting others is something that I definitely enjoy and hope to maintain these leadership skills towards my future career.


At the opposite end of the spectrum you have William, an inspiring and influential member of GLITCH. At only 16 he has a drive and ambition to not only be the best but to set himself targets and to succeed in unconventional ways. I have learnt not to necessarily listen to what life tells you but to listen to your own initiative and surround yourself with inspiring people. He talked about his blog – and how committed he is in pursuing his career his own way – without the need of studying for an academic degree. He has been volunteering with the one and only Patrick Joseph Taylor and is working on producing his own clothing range. Here’s a bit more info if your interested:

In my opinion having this diversity to the talk engaged with the public well and helped us as a group to reflect upon our individual strengths and how we can incorporate these skills and creative ideas into a festival agenda. Specifying roles will be the next constructive task after agreeing upon a name and theme for the festival.


I think overall the day went well and the talk itself ended up working out although we encountered some challenges and technical difficulties which was annoying. We learnt about how these things work and know what to expect in the future and about half way through the talk the music on the floor was put on again which was quite distracting. It was also a Wednesday and in my opinion putting on a talk in the daytime on a weekday was probably not the best idea as it was quite quiet on the day. Although this, we engaged with the audience in the best way we could and decided upon having a question round for the audience to ask us anything.

Naomi Horlock also mentioned the openness of allowing us to visit places of our choice in smaller groups and I think this really would be a great idea in order to analyse what other galleries/event leaders are producing and how they are conveying things to an audience right now. Physically going out to see these places gives us a better understanding of what qualities we have at home and how to bring these current ideas and influences from elsewhere into MOSTYN’s space.

 I did have some time to have a look around the Art Gym which was different. Turner Prize winners Assemble and Tate Collective presents Art Gym; a three week programme of free, drop-in activities held within a new and specially designed space at Tate Liverpool. Here’s an online review from Patrick Kirk-Smith if you want to understand more about what’s happening right now:

It was clear to see that although it was part of the Circuit partnerships, this exhibition area was also funded another organization because although Circuit is a programme for 15-25 year olds, it was clear that  Art gym seemed to gather families and younger children. This wasn’t necessarily a bad thing, because it promotes creativity towards all ages but it didn’t really influence us as a group because the activities on offer were designed for younger audiences in my opinion. I did feel that I learnt some things about the programme and how it would differ from our festival and we also had the opportunity to look at the current exhibitions at Tate Liverpool.

My current thoughts after seeing Art Gym:

No 1: We will only have funding from The Paul Hamlyn Foundation and therefore all of our activities/events should benefit youth culture and not predominantly families/young children.

No 2. Being aware that we should have a range of diverse activities on the launch weekend  in order to keep all ages (15-25 year olds) interested .

No 3. We need to understand and acknowledge Llawn04 festival and guarantee promotion & marketing strategies which are relevant to the younger generation and not necessarily families and OAP’s (although obviously we should treat each visitor with respect).

No.4 We need to form a programme of initial thoughts about events that could happen and work along the idea of a specific theme (but can be very open on interpretation)

No.5 100% guaranteed that there will be various gigs at the festival and an exhibition space and workshops all day throughout the 3 weeks. We definitely need an over 18s event.

No.6 I believe that individual interests are key to this programme and believe that working together with current themes will be exciting. We could always develop themes that we have already worked upon as well as working on something new.

After reflecting upon the talk with Adam, I decided upon leading the last GLITCH session (22/03/16) in order to evaluate our current stage as well as our aims and achievements for GLITCH within the next 6 months. I decided upon planning some activities in order to organize and discuss individual interests and how to incorporate strengths as a team. I decided upon visual representations and text in order to bring colour into MOSTYN and hope to expand on this in the next session.

Written By Alaw Ogwen Jones

@2016 images Naomi Horlock – Learning and Inclusion Curator at MOSTYN/ Alaw Ogwen Jones