Circuit Internship #4

Hi, I’m Madeleine and I have been the Circuit Cambridge intern since April 2016. After studying art and design at college a few years ago I decided to work instead of going to university, I have worked in a couple of nice places but this has been my first job in an arts organisation, which has been a real eye opener.

The Circuit internship has been a really special opportunity- a few days a week working in such a kind and creative environment has been wonderful. Although I am just over halfway through at the 3 month mark I can already say I feel I have learnt a lot and am much more confident and competent than I was 2 months ago!

Setting up the new Circuit Studio.

Setting up the new Circuit Studio at Wysing.

When I started here I didn’t have much of an idea of what part of the creative industry I wanted to try and work in, but this has opened my eyes to the many job roles and opportunities there are that I never had considered before, and has pointed me towards the direction I think might be right for me. It has also given me confidence when comes to doing general admin tasks like making phone calls to group members, taxis and ordering, emailing, researching for Circuit trips, updating social media, setting up for workshops and Circuit sessions and more.. Which at first I found intimidating or difficult without lots of direction.

To try and keep this relatively short here are a few things I found challenging, things I learnt, and the best bits (so far):

Making my own GIF at our tester workshop for Unlocks Digital with Luca Manini at Wysing.

Making my own GIF at our tester workshop for Unlocks Digital with Luca Manini at Wysing.


  • Being there two days a week means I can fall out of the loop, but a 15-minute catch up with the program manager gets me up to date.
  • Getting to know how to use all the tech devices like the photocopier, mac computer, and various parts of websites and computers.
  • Having to find the confidence to greet people and take surveys at events.. I think I’m getting there!


What I have learnt/gained:

  • To confidently email: sending and respond to inquiries, groups, and organisations.
  • How to help set up for artist workshops, events and Circuit meetings.
  • How to plan my day to manage the time I have well.


Best Bits (so far):

  • Participating in Unlocks Digital: this one has to be maybe the best. I really enjoyed learning about the process behind taking an event like that from being just an idea, too something that is there happening live. Seeing all the people learning and being creative that day was great.
  • Attending my first Circuit Social: the first Circuit Social I attended was the painting workshop with artists Soheila Sokhanvari, when we launched our Circuit studio. I really liked helping set it up and seeing everyone unleash their creative side!
  • Just being a part of the Circuit team: being a part of the Circuit and what it stands for and what it does for young people has for sure been a “best bit” in itself.

A view of one of the work shops at Unlocks Digital