Collage Evaluation for WARP Festival

Whitworth Young Contemporaries hosted their Circuit festival in June 2016 with a multi-disciplinary arts event called WARP that took place at the Whitworth Gallery and park over a warm summer weekend.

Like many other Circulate members, I am interested in creative ways of capturing data to evaluate Circuit projects so that the experience of sharing feedback is fun rather than be seen as an arduous task. Similarly, I am keen to disseminate my findings in creative ways instead of a traditional report, opting for a visual approach to entice potential readers. This is primarily because I hope to share my findings with young people who don’t have a background in research in addition to shaking up the formats of reports for arts professionals and academics.

Drawing upon my previous experience of evaluating Circuit Festivals, I find that my strength in this area of work is interviewing festival goers and analysing the festival to see if the youth programme at the gallery has achieved what it set to do. Currently, the majority of my data are often text based, so, I am incorporating my practise as an artist to experiment with visual ways to present my findings. I have chosen to use a mixture of collage and diagrams to to present my evaluation work for WARP, which you can see below.

Circulate_Evaluation_Festival_WARP 1a JPEG

A collage marking the places of activities on the WARP festival guide and its feedback
Photo © Sufea Mohamad Noor

A collage with texts responding to the evaluation points that Circulate members had to research for WARP
Photo © Sufea Mohamad Noor

Links for larger files of these images are below.

Image 1

Image 2

Sufea, Tate Collective Liverpool