New Young Artists in Residence: Mike Baines

The Young Artists in Residence are three emerging artists who play a central role within the Whitworth Young Contemporaries. They facilitate the group and work collaboratively with young people to develop ideas and also do workshops in the local community.

Meet our new Whitworth Young Contemporaries Artist in Residence…

My name is Mike Baines and I’m a 19 year old musician born and raised here in Manchester. So far the majority of guitarrramy released bodies of work are Hip Hop / Grime but I also specialise in production, guitar / bass and singing. I started making music when I first learned how to play the guitar at age 8 and began recording songs at 12 at youth club workshops and high school studios. I consider 2016 to be my first real year as a professional musician having toured the country all summer including gigs in Edinburgh, Fabric in London and Amsterdam and I also feel I have really found my feet creatively having put together 2 currently unreleased projects I would say best reflect my musical versatility. I have a wide range of influences but I would say my most prominent ones are Rap, Blues and Jazz musicfurtherproof. The artists that my sound is inspired by most are Carlos Santana, Mac Miller, Skepta and Hiatus Kaiyote and visually I love looking at work from Salvador Dali, Basquiat and Henry Mattis before creating music. My first interaction with the Whitworth was the grand re-opening of the museum when I performed a song inspired by 3 key pieces on display with The Mouse Outfit. I could feel from that first event that The Whitworth re-opened with a new forward thinking approach to the inclusion of young people in the gallery’s demographic and in a field such as fine art where the culture can be perceived as inaccessible for people my age I think this is very important. I look forward to bringing my skill set to both Circuit and The WYC and working with Ella and Peter to help curate an exciting season of exhibitions and workshops in 2016.