Urban Projections x YAK Collaboration

Urban Projections is home to the work and collaborations of multimedia artist Rebecca Smith. Fusing hand-crafted art-forms with digital technologies, her work seeks to surprise and engage audiences with its playful tone and interactivity. The collaboration between this artistic process and YAK aims to emulates this.

Through a combination of a physical hand drawn murals overlaid with complex, kinetic projection mapping, visitors can expect to see the playful emergence of a room intertwined with both digital and physical art-forms.  

[Words by Y.A.K artist, Charlotte Winters]
This was a workshop done with other YAK members along side Urban Projections. It was the first weekend of the festival, 15th and 16th October, and we all came in after the opening party the night before.

We met with urban projections in morning, and they showed us what their plan for the design was. It was a series of shapes to go onto the wall on the wall of the gallery space, which did look pretty awesome.


For the first day we would be putting the design on the wall with special tape (seems to be one of the main themes of the festival.)
The tape was all going to be all black and white, except for one detail that would be in colour.
They said that the design on the screen was going to be improvised, slightly due to the fact that we couldn’t go to the full height of the space with the tape because we couldn’t physically reach it.

img_5560  img_5541

We were then split into 2 groups, the group working on ladders and the floor group. We began measuring and sticking tape to the wall. 

This was a very timely process, we would measure where the tape needed to be, cut a longer piece of tape, stick it very lightly, check it was level, stick it more firmly. Then we had to cut the ends to the right length, this was a massive undertaking too. 
You would get a ruler and a craft knife, make sure the ruler was precisely level, and cut firmly to make the end of the tape perfect.

img_5564  img_5561 img_5584  img_5578

This process continued for the whole day, even once all the YAKers had gone home! Just before I left we all decided what colour the detail (the strip which was decided part of the way through to be the colour detail in the design) was going to be, comparing the tape to the wall, and it was decided that it was going to be in pink tape.


On the second day of the workshop, we were shown the basics of projection mapping. Now that the tape design was installed.
The wall design looked pretty dam awesome.
They then started talking about the animations, and how to do it, showing us on the screens.

img_5638  img_5644

There was 3 different projectors set up for 3 different points in the design. It started out with a ball rolling down the triangle, which was then going to bounce but then it was decided it would disappear. We were asked what we thought should happen with the other shapes. They continued to animate it showing us how to do it as they went along. We added a few ideas as it went along. The design was starting to build up, the animations changing the design and making you pay attention to different parts.

The animations were edited and then they were transferred to the media players. This was quite a problematic process due to the fact they were not the right resolution, which meant it took several attempts to set up. However it was finally done at the animations were played on loop.


It was a really interesting process to be involved in, and looked insane when you walked through the one door that fully opened in the doors project into the darkened room with the Urban Projections installation. (And the food was pretty good too.)